17 apr 17 | Gulf News

Al Wasl Plaza at Expo 2020 site to offer a variety of experiences

Official says the covered area of Al Wasl Plaza was designed in a way that will attract global events following Dubai Expo 2020

Al Wasl Plaza will offer a variety of experiences, bringing together natural beauty, an urban environment and advanced technology.

Ahmad Al Khatib, Vice President of Real Estate for Dubai Expo 2020, made the remarks during an interview with Emirates News Agency (WAM). Al Khatib pointed out that Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture was chosen to design Al Wasl Plaza following a very close contest between the world’s most renowned designers.

He added that the covered area of Al Wasl Plaza was designed in a way that will attract global events following Dubai Expo 2020.

He said that the inner areas of the plaza allow visitors to fully admire the surrounding greenery and nature, with its strategic design providing shade for the cafés located on the ground floor, giving visitors the option to roam wherever they please. Al Khatib also indicated that the plaza’s design also offers visitors the chance to be involved in simple life activities, like taking a walk with their children, providing a setting for contemplation or to enjoy the splendour of stars in the desert.

He pointed out the plaza is not simply limited to aspects of leisure, but also contributes to development and emergence of a wide range of flora and fauna, offering an exceptional experience that combines interaction with nature to the growth of an outstanding urban and civil area.

Al Khatib added that Al Wasl Plaza is unique, supported by natural beauty and advanced technologies that offer the chance to experiment with numerous activities, such as horse riding or hosting a huge concert.

Regarding the quality of materials used in the project’s construction, he said that an agreement had been reached with Meeras Holding to ensure the quality of materials and make sure that they meet the technical standards. He added that in all major cities the value of a property rises when it is surrounded by spacious natural facilities that are supported by strong programmes, and therefore, Al Wasl will contribute to the growth of Expo’s legacy, Dubai South, and the entire city of Dubai.