• lud_01Architect: SOM          Images: © James H. Morris
  • lud_02Architect: SOM          Images: © James H. Morris
  • lud_03Architect: SOM          Images: © James H. Morris
  • lud_04Architect: SOM          Images: © James H. Morris


10 Ludgate Place

10 Ludgate Place

The exterior image of 10 Ludgate Place was intended to be suggestive of the memory of the British rail yards once located on the site.

The tracks and auxiliary systems of truss and cable structures are traced metaphorically in the facade. The blackness of the building’s skin helps reinforce this relationship. The building’s image is unique, but deferential to the existing context. Hanging the granite components perpendicular to the wall, rather than in plane, produce a truthful expression of stone on the exterior wall.

The building reads as a massive form from the entry points on Seacoal Lane, appearing as vertical elements which stack up against each other in a layered manner. From the inside, the view is open and glassy. The building’s tone contrasts with the adjacent buildings, which range from light beige to medium bronze anodized glass. 10 Ludgate Place is defined by its base arcade, an intermediate zone characterized by typical textured walls and a top defined by extended columns and a setback penthouse façade.


Adrian Smith, Design Partner
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP


Rosehaugh Stanhope Properties