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Za’abeel Master Plan

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Za’abeel Energy Master Plan

The Za’abeel Energy Master Plan is uniquely positioned as a center for both commerce and residential development. The project will embody modern, sustainable living, working and recreation in Dubai.

With connections by rail to Jumeirah Gardens and convenient proximity to the Burj Khalifa and downtown, the project will be a vibrant mixed-use center. The generative concept behind the Master Plan is the creation of memorable places that define sustainable districts and neighborhoods.

The Master Plan proposes the creation of a major new civic park space. All residents and workers will have direct access to the commons through shaded pedestrian passageways, multi-modal transportation access to the project and opportunities for pedestrian and bicycle use within the development provide all users with a diverse experience and due to its proximity to transit, the Master Plan has an opportunity to become a self-contained, mixed-use environment and achieve Dubai’s first LEED platinum rating for community design.

Office and hotel functions add interest along the main boulevard and throughout the development, effectively reinforcing this new business center and connection to convention and hospitality functions. Private, luxury residential lofts define the perimeter of the project, providing a unique and intimate living experience.

In addition to creating memorable urban places, the Master Plan utilizes Islamic patterns and design traditions, reinterpreted for modern materials and lifestyles, to create variation and uniqueness in building designs and landscapes. These patterns, drawn from Islamic textiles, architectural ornament and traditional village forms, add texture and scale to the project.