5 Oct 20 | SimScale

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Boosted Innovation and Design Confidence with SimScale

AS+GG’s approach to integrated design emphasizes a relationship with the natural and surrounding environment, which takes into consideration factors such as building orientation, generation of wind power, and solar orientation. Among the firm’s projects are high-performance designs for high-rise buildings, where the building form can drastically shape the overall project sustainability. To reach optimal performance, AS+GG needs the ability to test designs as early in the design process as possible, even during the “competition” phase when early validation allows for multiple iterations and exploration of new design directions discovered through testing.

By simulating designs with SimScale, AS+GG shortened design cycles, going from initial sketch to simulation results in less than a few hours. Additionally, the team at AS+GG gained more confidence in their simulation results, thanks to both the user-friendly platform as well as the expertise of SimScale’s staff, who offered best practices, case studies, articles, and other resources throughout the onboarding process. This allowed AS+GG to submit designs that would prove to have a high level of accuracy. Wind tunnel testing would also be used during later phases to support engineering efforts.