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Masdar Headquarters

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Masdar Headquarters was designed as the world’s first mixed-use, positive-energy building, using sustainable design strategies and systems to produce more energy than it consumes. The project was designed to be the centerpiece of Masdar City, a zero-waste, carbon-neutral development outside Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

The seven-story, 134,662 square-meter structure (which includes landscaped areas) will accommodate commercial, retail and cultural uses. The building’s form, sculpted in response to extensive environmental analysis, adapts the ancient science and aesthetics of Arabic wind towers, screens and other vernacular architecture, which emphasize natural ventilation, sun shading, high thermal mass, courtyards and vegetation.

Masdar HQ’s signature architectural feature is a collection of eleven wind cones which provide natural ventilation and cooling (drawing warm air up to roof level, where wind moves it away) and form oasis-like interior courtyards and/or flexible spaces, each with its own theme, at ground level. The cones also provide soft daylighting for the building’s interiors.

Other key sustainability design features, systems and strategies include a vast roof canopy, which provides natural shading and incorporates one of the world’s largest photovoltaic and solar-panel arrays, which will simultaneously harvest solar energy while solar thermal collectors provide solar cooling. The roof’s undulating understructure facilitates the roof pier’s structural performance.

High-thermal-mass exterior glass cladding provides solar heat blocking while remaining transparent for views. Thermal technology in the project also includes earth ducts which reduce temperature of outside air and provide underground pedestrian passages that connect public garden space with the proposed mass transit system. And a lush sky garden on roof level creates a microclimate that includes water features and restful community spaces landscaped with indigenous vegetation.

Masdar HQ was designed as the world’s greenest mixed-use building, yielding zero carbon emissions and zero waste (both liquid and solid) and a sustainable measure beyond LEED platinum. It was designed to consume 70 percent less water than typical mixed-use buildings of the same size, and be the lowest energy consumer per square meter for a modern Class A office building in a hot/humid climate.

It was also designed to be the first building in history to generate power for its own assembly via one of the world’s largest arrays of photovoltaics on its roof canopy, providing shade for workers during construction of the structure’s lower levels.

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Planning a Sustainable City in the Desert
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Masdar Headquarters Project
Multidisciplinary project team led by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill designs world's first large-scale positive-energy building with help from Autodesk BIM solutions... MORE

sep 10 | AS+GG Press Release
Masdar Headquarters Wins 2010 Arabian Property Award
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's Masdar Headquarters is the winner of a 2010 Arabian Property Award for Architecture... MORE

25 may 10 | The National
Masdar showcased at a Smithsonian Institution's museum
Masdar Headquarters, the seven-story centrepiece of Masdar City, is on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum as part of the 2010 National Design Triennial, which runs until January 9 next year... MORE

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AS+GG's Masdar Headquarters Featured in the 2010 National Design Triennial at The Smithsonian Institution's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
Masdar Headquarters, designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, is featured in the 2010 National Design Triennial, opening Friday, May 14... MORE

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Design Team Held to Competition Promises
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Relationship between design and construction
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Masdar building brings positive energy
Chicago architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG) to design headquarters for Abu Dhabi's Masdar City... MORE

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Smith + Gill tapped for ultra-green Abu Dhabi project
Desert buildings that produce more energy than they consume may no longer be a mirage... MORE

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Abu Dhabi sustainable project moves forward
Design work is under way for the headquarters of Masdar, a government initiative aimed at advancing renewable energy resouces... MORE

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Beyond Zero: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's Desert Experiment
Masdar Headquarters will power itself and give power back... MORE

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Sweet new start for architect
Abu Dhabi green project highlights recent success... MORE

22 feb 08 | AS+GG Press Release
Masdar Headquarters to Be Located in World's First "Positive Energy" Mixed-Use Building
Chicago architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture win global competition to design Masdar headquarters in first zero-carbon, zero-waste city... MORE


Structural Engineering
Thornton Tomasetti

MEP Engineering
Environmental Systems Design, Inc.


International Property Awards, Arabian Property Award for Architecture, Mideast Region


Cityscape Architectural Awards, Environmental Award
Middle East Architect Awards, Green Project of the Year
Construction Week Awards, Sustainable Design Award