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Meraas Tower

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Meraas Tower combines simple geometric principles with new and emerging technologies to create a modern, soaring “tower of light” for the city of Dubai.

Like a prism, the 112-story tower has a series of faceted surfaces that increase light and air traveling through the building. The faceted shapes maximize energy generation, balance natural light and offer 360-degree views. They also create natural atrium spaces as the building ascends, allowing for the creation of naturally lit sky gardens that activate the tower’s form.

Exposing the intermediate floors gives the illusion that the structure is composed of four smaller towers stacked on top of one another, creating a “vertical city.”

Meraas Tower includes 300,000 square meters of hotel, convention, commercial and retail spaces. The 15-story hotel  features a ballroom, prefunction facilities and soaring lobby atrium topped by an elegant, lushly landscaped sky lobby.

9 oct 08 | World Architecture News
Meraas development taps Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill for megaproject
Despite the global credit crunch, construction is booming in Dubai. The Dubai based development company, Meraas announced this week that it has commissioned Chicago architect Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture to design four new projects worth approximately $15 billion... MORE

7 oct 08 | The Chicago Tribune
Chicago architects plan more towers in Dubai
Against a backdrop of nose-diving world markets, it sounds like a comic book fantasy: Three closely bunched, mega-skyscrapers would shoot in the sky, connected by skybridges and grand arches... MORE

oct 08 | AS+GG Press Release
New Master Developer Meraas Development commissions Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture to design $15 billion development in Dubai, including several of the world's tallest towers
Meraas Development, a new Dubai-based master development firm, has commissioned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture to design four new projects worth approximately $15 billion... MORE

2 Jun 08 | Crain's Chicago Business
Smith + Gill wins Dubai deal
$7-bil. development a boost for young firm... MORE

9 May 08 | Gulf News
Dubai gives the necessary freedom designers need
Dubai: He has designed some of the world's tallest towers, but does not live in one... MORE

4 May 08 | Gulf News
Dubai will become city of supertowers
Iconic landmarks will be part of cluster of 11 projects worth DH25B... MORE

Meraas Development

Structural Engineering
Thornton Tomasetti

MEP Engineering
Environmental Systems Design, Inc