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World Expo 2020 Dubai

AS+GG's City Design studio completed the master planning, urban design, and architectural design for World Expo 2020, which was hosted in Dubai from October 2021-March 2022. 

The master plan addresses city growth goals to ensure that Expo investments in infrastructure and buildings will advance long-term UAE objectives for economic and social advancement.

Since the completion of the expo in March 2022, the site is transforming into a mixed-use technology hub that is focused on global logistics to leverage its adjacency to new international airport and deep-sea port assets. Rebranded Dubai Expo City, this urban innovation lab is developing 32 million square-feet of mixed work-live-learn development with public transit, exhibition facilities, and regional attractions.

Approximately 5.4 million square-feet of permanent buildings were constructed for the Expo and are being converted into office, residential, and educational facilities organized around small-scale blocks and neighborhood parks. The 500-acre site is currently accessible by regional expressways, but the Dubai Metro commuter rail is under construction and will be an access point in the near future.

At its center, is Al Wasl Plaza, also designed by AS+GG.  Al Wasl is a 4-acre garden and performance venue framed by five office and hotel buildings. By day, the plaza is shaded by a 425’ wide by 220’ tall trellis. By night, the trellis transforms into a dynamic 360-degree projection screen that will be the largest spherical media platform in the world. The trellis enables immersive group experiences, while also creating iconic identity for Dubai Expo City.