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Beijing Franshion

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Beijing Franshion Development

With its curvilinear forms and sweeping gestures, its collection of buildings of staggered heights (up to 100 meters), its innovative mixed-use program (including high-end and low-income housing as well as retail, schools and a sports park/wellness center), AS+GG’S design for this residential development stand outs in its urban context.

The development was designed to draw attention throughout Beijing with its contemporary, highly-gestural architecture, and organically integrated landscape scheme. The design will also provide a full range of lifestyle opportunities for residents, who will be able to live, play, shop and send their children to school, all within the same complex.

The overall plan for the site is built around sinuous gestures that echo the curving lines of the architecture, linking the various plots together and creating a coherent identity for the development. The theme of integration with the landscape is continued in the buildings’ use of green roofs and terraces, and in the overall plan’s acknowledgment of the natural park to the northeast of the site, as well as a smaller green park to the southeast.

The innovation of the design is most striking on the northwest corner of the development, which features high-end residential units ranging from 180 to 600 square meters. Just across from the high-end residential is a school complex featuring a kindergarten and an elementary school. On the southwest corner of the development is the sports pavilion, which will be the development’s first-built structure and which will initially function as the sales office. The pavilion—which will feature an amphitheater, a swimming pool and tennis and basketball courts—will also function as a wellness center/spa, a yoga studio and a place for meditation.

Franshion Properties