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Suzhou Keyne Centre

Suzhou Keyne Centre will be a healthy, sustainable, and socially interactive development once completed. The complex was designed to create a true 21st century environment that is both aesthetically striking while also minimizing energy and water usage.

Suzhou Keyne Centre will set a new, higher standard for mixed-use developments in China and is part of a larger master plan that includes high-rise residential, office tower, hotel, retail and parking. With its prominent location on Shishan Road, the site presents a unique opportunity to create a new icon for Suzhou.

The residential tower features a bronze shingled facade with numerous rooftop garden spaces and lush interior atria. A central 27-story atrium and a series of 3-story community atria along the west and east facades in the hotel bring light and interest to the space. The community atria will connect with the outdoor spaces to provide a smoking area for hotel guests.

Passive sustainable design technologies are used to create a development that exists in harmony with its environment. The design minimizes energy, water, and embodied carbon while maximizing user comfort.

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