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Golden Leaf Gardens

Golden Leaf Gardens was designed as the center of the new Zhenru CBD, an innovation cluster in the historic Zhenru Region and the larger Putuo District in Shanghai. The design weaves together residential, commercial, and public outdoor spaces to create a sustainable next-generation, mixed-use development.

As we look to the future of collaborative residential and commercial functions, a space needs to aspire to a range of qualities – inspirational, collaborative, reflective, harmonious, and even private, all with the goal of increasing the well-being of the user. Project elements are positioned to intelligently terrace inward along the new connections, creating unique spaces for activities that connect the park to the surrounding environment.

Based on the site layout, solar orientation, view, and connectivity to green space, the site plan considers vehicles and pedestrians, employees and visitors, VIP, and service deliveries. The main towers are designed with occupant comfort in mind. The double-wall system allows the creation of indoor spaces that are well lit – without glare – and are thermally comfortable because of automated solar management and can provide natural ventilation when external conditions are favorable. Internally, the atria provide access to interior green spaces, while generating opportunities for unique meeting spaces.

Designed to be highly sustainable, Golden Leaf Gardens sets a new standard for buildings in the city. The project manages 100% of rainwater on site, supporting a robust approach to resiliency. The buildings are designed to be certified LEED Platinum under the USGBC’s LEED rating scheme for core and shell.


WAN Awards, Future Projects, Mixed Use, Shortlist

Chicago Athenaeum, Green Good Design Award

Rethinking The Future Awards, Mixed-Use Concept, First Award