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Crown Sydney Hotel Competition Entry

The Crown Sydney Hotel will engage Sidneysiders and visitors from all over the world. Designed as an inspiring and memorable experience, this project is defined by a world class architecture that will complete the triad of Sydney’s great icons.

Upon entry along Orange Blossom Drive, the visitor is welcomed by a landscape that presents the building as an open and integrated experience with its park and harbor. Reminiscent but not literally related to the icons of the city, the buildings is integrated into its setting and functions at the regional, city and local scales of Sydney. Arriving at Jacaranda Court, the front door of the hotel opens to reveal the light filled expanse of the lobby and immediately visually connects the guest to the promenade and harbor beyond.

Along the water’s edge, the tree-shaded promenade will provide a series of event spaces and paths for strolling, running or riding bikes. All the senses will be taken into account to maximize the public experience: Water fountains will invigorate the air with a mist that children and others will be able to touch and feel – the relaxing sounds of the water will be enjoyed by business men and the general public alike. Gardens planted with orange blossom and jasmine will be an olfactory and visual delight for visitors, enriched by the fluid architecture and its integration with nature.

In order to better serve its urban purpose, the Crown Hotel site is organized to maximize east-west accessibility. A fluid connection and access to the water’s edge will be achieved by a series of pedestrian connectors that will link the office, commercial and residential zones to the west with the water edge park. Each of the east-west streets will be allowed to penetrate the hotel and public park on the west side of Globe Street.

Several major urban events organize and anchor the overall development. To the north of the hotel and residential development, a large body of water frames and enriches the access to both groups of buildings. The water will refresh the air and add fragrances to the hotel and residential entrances. North and south of the water pond, entrances to the hotel and residential development are defined by elliptical drop-off s framed in jasmine trellises.

Designed as a full experience for everyone, guests and public alike, the site is understood as an expansive experience during the day and an elegant and sophisticated at night. The broad canopy of trees shade the promenade will reduce the heat island effect. Specific nodes are orchestrated to connect the project to the context at large. Art, theater, areas of respite, cultural destinations and gardens are all integrated to create a project of the highest sustainable cultural and environmental examples that Sydney can provide.