21 apr 11  | inhabitat.com

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill's new Vantone Center will be Tianjin's most sustainable LEED tower

by Tafline Laylin

At a whopping 607 feet, the Vantone Center designed by Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill will be among Tianjin’s tallest new towers. But it will also be the most sustainable as the architects aim for a potential LEED Platinum or Gold certification. With everything from energy and water efficiency and daylighting to a sloped green roof, the design combines the best in sustainable building practices without sacrificing any of the ritz expected from high-end skyscrapers.
The undulating north and south facades were designed to evoke images of the nearby Haihe river and bamboo weaving, which is common in the region. The interior will comprise 64,000 square meters of high end office and retail space, as well as 3,000 square meters of below grade retail and parking. Even so, a variety of features will ensure that this building does not usurp more than its fair share of energy and water.
Manufactured locally, the building will be constructed from fibreglass-reinforced concrete, and since the cladding is lightweight, less of it will be required. Combined with a high thermal mass exterior and alternating glass and stone that keeps solar gain to a minimum, an energy recovery and daylight responsive system that switches off electricity when the sun is shining will keep energy consumption down. Additionally, a water economizer will be put in place.
Construction on this stunning high rise slated for Tianjin’s pumping CBD is expected to start later this year.