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Peter Weismantle

Peter A. Weismantle, AS+GG’s Director of Technical Architecture, is responsible for overseeing the development of AS+GG’s challenging and complex projects from onset to completion. He works in collaboration with the project team to develop the design of such technical elements as the building envelope, vertical transportation, and life safety systems, and to assure compliance with applicable building codes and standards. He is a recognized authority on the technical aspects of the architecture of tall and complex buildings; both nationally and internationally.

Peter has led the technical architecture of many of AS+GG’s international projects including Jeddah Tower, Wuhan Greenland Tower, and Greenland Tower Chengdu, all of which are now under construction. Recently Peter led the technical architecture of Al Wasl Plaza, the centerpiece of Expo City Dubai, which features a 150-meter diameter domed trellis with an immersive projection experience and Uptown Tower, a new 190,000 sm 72-story mixed-use building also in Dubai.

Before joining AS+GG in 2008, Peter was an Associate Partner in the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, where he served as Senior Technical Architect on several supertall towers, including Shanghai’s 88-story Jin Mao Tower and the 163-story, 828 meter (2,717 foot) tall Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building. He also collaborated on Ludgate Development, Broadgate Development and parts of Canary Wharf, all large mixed-use developments in London, as well as the 94-story Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago.

Peter is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and the Façade Tectonics Institute. He is the past-Chairman of the Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings, past-President of the Safety Glazing Certification Council, past-member of the Advisory Committee of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and past-Chairman of the Height Committee, past-member of the Architectural Advisory Group of Underwriters Laboratories and member of the Otis Elevator Customer Advisory Board and the National Fire Prevention Association’s High Rise Building Safety Advisory Committee As well as a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Façade Tectonics Institute.


Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1976
Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1972


Registered Architect in Illinois, Nevada, and the United Kingdom
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA)
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC); member Board of Directors and past-President
Fellow of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), past-Chairman of the Height Committee and member of the Advisory Group
Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings (CCHRB); past-Chairman, member of the Spring Seminar Task Force and Chair of the Archival and Historical Task Force,
Underwriters Laboratories (UL); member of the Architectural Advisory Group
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA); member of the High-Rise Building Safety Advisory Committee
Fellow of the Façade Tectonics Institute (FTI) and founding member of the Board of Directors
Triton College; member of the Architectural Advisory Council


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Major projects at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture:

Al Wasl Plaza
Al Wasl is the centerpiece for the 4.38-square kilometer Expo2020 Dubai combines breathtaking design, innovative technology, and a 150-meter diameter domed trellis that incorporates an immersive projection experience. The plaza will make a dramatic impression on the millions of people visiting Expo2020 Dubai from around the world. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jeddah Tower
Formerly known as Kingdom Tower, when completed in 2019, it will be the tallest building in the world at more than 1000-meters tall. The 135-story, 320,000 sm, multi-use tower will feature a luxury hotel, office space, serviced apartments, luxury condominiums, and the world’s highest observatory. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Uptown Dubai
Formerly known as Burj 2020 the 713,000 sm, mixed use development consists of seven towers built on multi-level podium structure, including three residential towers, one commercial tower, one mixed-use tower, and two supertall towers.   All towers are constructed on a mixed-use podium featuring a 81,000 sm retail mall, a landscaped plaza/public events space, and parking for more than 10,000 cars. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Greenland Tower Chengdu
468-meter, mixed-use tower and podium features a conference center, offices, a hotel, executive residential apartments, and rooftop garden. Chengdu, China

Wuhan Greenland Center
119-story, 636-meter tall, 300,000 sm, mixed-use tower features 50 office floors, 17 residential floors and 22 hotel floors and four club levels, four sky lobbies, and multiple mechanical floors. Wuhan, China

FKI Tower
50 story, 240-meter tower in downtown Seoul will provide the headquarters for the Federation of Korean Industries. The Class A office building also includes dining facilities, theater and conference center and rooftop garden. Seoul, Korea

Willis Tower Greening Project + Hotel
Integration of sustainable systems to reduce energy consumption at the former Sears tower and design for highly sustainable, 50-story five-star hotel to be built on the south side of Willis Tower Plaza. The hotel will draw net zero energy from the power grid. Chicago, Illinois

1 Dubai
Three-tower, supertall megastructure includes luxury hotels, condominiums, offices, retail and cultural facilities.  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1 Park Avenue
Supertall tower with podium complex includes luxury hotel, condominiums, offices, and retail. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Park Gate
Ensemble of six mid-rise office buildings linked with canopies, enclosing a central garden space. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Meraas Tower
Supertall mixed-use tower with faceted facade. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Major projects as Associate Partner at SOM, prior to joining Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture:

Wenzhou Lucheng Plaza
1,181-foot, mixed-use tower includes office, hotel and serviced apartments, updating the classic columnar sky- scraper with elegant proportions. Wenzhou City, China

Shangri-La at the Fort
Schematic Design of a 230-meter tall, hotel and residential tower and podium having a total area of 166,000 sm. The tower contains 300 luxury residences and 500 guestrooms. Podium contains meeting and conference spaces, restaurant and retail venues and faces an arcade which links into a district wide pedestrian system. Manila, Philippines

Las Vegas Tower
Concept design for 1,888-foot, five-star resort tower, which would have been the tallest hotel in the world when completed. Included 4,000 rooms, restaurants, high-end retail, ballroom and recording studios. Las Vegas, Nevada

White Magnolia Plaza
1,049-foot office tower, two hotel towers, and a large retail podium. Primary tower features complex curved surfaces that are accentuated by perforated metal light shelves enhancing its environmental performance. Shanghai, China

Burj Khalifa
163-story, supertall, mixed-use tower comprising residential, commercial, hotel, and retail spaces. 2010, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Zhongshan Exhibition Center
1,290,000 sf complex consisting of exhibition hall, trade mart and conference center, 2008. Zhongshan, China

Chemsunny Plaza
1,800,000 sf corporate headquarters with dual full height atria for Sinochem. 2007, Beijing, China

Trump International Hotel and Tower
2,400,000 sf, 90-story mixed-use tower comprised of luxury residential, hotel, health club, retail, parking, and riverfront park on prominent site along the Chicago River. 2009, Chicago, Illinois

Broadgate Phase 12/13 (201 Bishopsgate)
Through planning approval for 13-story, 760,000 sf office building with two 80,000 sf trading floors and three atria. 2003, London, United Kingdom

Canary Wharf Ds4 (20 Canada Square)
550,000 sf corporate office building for McGraw Hill. 2002, London, United Kingdom

Canary Wharf Ds1 (5 Canada Square)
700,000 sf corporate office building for Bank of America. 2002, London, United Kingdom

Canary Wharf Ds3 (15 Canada Square)
600,000 sf corporate office building. (Unbuilt) 2003, London, United Kingdom

Xiamen Posts and Telecommunications Building
60-story corporate headquarters with restaurant, observatory, and post office facility. 1994, Xiamen, China

Jin Mao Tower
88-story, 3,000,000 sf, mixed-use complex including office, hotel, and retail. 1998, Shanghai, China

Kowloon Tower
Concept design and design brief for 1,890-foot tall, 2,000,000 sf tower with offices and a 5-star hotel. 1997, Hong Kong

Broadgate, Phases 5-14
4,000,000 sf commercial mixed-use development with office, retail, park, railway station and infrastructure development. 1987-1992 at Liverpool Station, London, United Kingdom

Ludgate Development
500,000 sf, three building office complex built on railway air-rights, 1992, London, United Kingdom

Parkgate at Aztec West
Office building, 1991, Bristol, United Kingdom

The Economist Building
Refurbishment and interiors for The Economist Newspaper. 1990, London, United Kingdom

135 Bishopsgate
Interiors for the National Westminster Bank. 1990, London, United Kingdom

McCormick Place Exposition Center Expansion
1,800,000 sf, two-story exposition center building. 1987, Chicago, Illinois

Southwest Crossing
Office building. 1986, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

The University of Blida
Academic campus phase I and administration complex. 1983, Blida, Algeria

The University of Annaba
Three student housing communities, phase I. 1983, Annaba, Algeria

General Motors
Office buildings. 1982, Naperville, Illinois; and 1983, Parsippany, New Jersey

The Art Institute of Chicago
Remodeling of photography department. 1983, Chicago, Illinois

The University of Chicago
Remodeling of Classics, Goodspeed, and Mandel Halls. 1980, Chicago, Illinois