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Terysa Wojnar

AS+GG’s Payroll Manager and Benefits Manager Terysa Wojnar’s role at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG) spans four different specialties. She currently manages all aspects of Payroll and Benefits, as well as handling Human Resources and Accounts Payable for the firm.

Terysa has been working in the architectural world since beginning at DeStefano & Partners in 2004, prior to joining AS+GG in 2008. She works with AS+GG’s brokers to ensure the highest-level insurance for the company and is the “go to” person for employee questions and concerns.  She works closely with the Chief Financial Officer to make sure aspects of her department are entered into the system in a timely basis.

Terysa’s creative interests outside the firm are vast and she is constantly seeking unique solutions to challenges. She is currently an amateur bowler with 6 -300 games and one 800 series to her credit and was elected to the Chicagoland Bowling Hall of Fame in 2018.  Her endeavors also include sewing, quilting, and cooking and baking simple dishes to share with the important people in her life. She also enjoys working with tools and coming up with unique ideas to fix things around her house and yard.


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 1997-2002, Bachelor’s Degree - Social Work


SHRM – Society of Human Resource Management
APA – American Payroll Association

Terysa Wojnar on...

Design is different to each person, however watching someone design something and make it work is very inspiring.  Watching people achieve something they thought of into a reality is remarkable.

…where she finds inspiration
I find my inspiration in listening to people when they are passionate about something.  I may not have an interest in that particular thing but when someone starts talking and they get excited it makes me inspired to do it.

…her favorite "moment" in architecture
Watching the video on the Sphere built in Kazakhstan was stunning.

…her favorite city architecturally
I do not have a favorite city because whenever I travel and see different towns and cities, they are all unique in their own way.  They each have their own inspiration about them, which makes them “their city.”