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Banco de Occidente

Banco de Occidente

This project consists of three buildings in Guatemala City for Banco de Occidente, one of the oldest banking institutions in Guatemala. The goal was to create a new image while allowing each branch the flexibility to customize the space and to meet their customers’ needs.

A common palette was developed where materials, furniture, fabrics, teller counters, and logo identification would be similar from zone to zone, but each would be used in different ways. Local architectural concepts of open courtyards, terraces, gardens, fountains, and trellises were integrated into each design to reinforce the building’s relationship to the local context. Patterns of light and shadow on wall surfaces, and the reflective properties of water and tile were introduced to impart a sense of openness and serenity.

The goal was to achieve a functional and economic design through the studied adaptation of traditional and indigenous concepts and materials. Additionally, the 3 facilities were designed to operate without electricity due to the area’s frequent power outages. This was achieved through the use of operable windows, shaded exterior courtyards and extensive access to northern sunlight.


Adrian Smith, Design Partner
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP


Banco de Occidente