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Iris Gan

Director Iris Gan has over 25 year’s extensive experience, working on a wide variety of projects around the world, including several in her native China.

Since she started at AS+GG in 2008, Iris has he has worked on numerous projects including the now under construction Greenland Chengdu Tower and Wuhan Greenland Center in China and Ahlamana in Saudi Arabia.

Prior to joining AS+GG in 2008, Iris was an Associate and Licensed Architect with Teng & Associates, Inc., working with different groups within the firm on solving design issues. Iris is particularly proficient in producing design concepts, sketches and rendering as well as reviewing technical detail drawings and shop drawings.


Ball State University, Master of Architecture, Muncie, Indiana, July 1994     
Beijing Architecture and Civil Engineering College, Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture, Beijing, China, July 1986

Professional Registrations + Affiliations

American Institute of Architects (AIA)
LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)
International Project Management Association (IPMA)

Major projects at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture:

Greenland Tower Chengdu
468-meter, mixed-use tower features a conference center, offices, a hotel, executive residential apartments and conference center. Chengdu, China

Wuhan Greenland Center
119-story, 606 m tall, 300,000 sm mixed-use tower features office, apartments and hotel, with advanced MEP systems, Wuhan, China.

Hilal Tower
138 m mixed-use tower includes four levels below grade for retail, parking and support areas. The tower features residential, office and retail at ground and higher levels. Sustainable elements include district cooling, solar hot water, energy-efficient lighting and equipment, a greywater system and highly efficient MEP Systems. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mixed-use 74.5 m and 105 m residential and office towers consisting of 5,612 sm of area. The program includes four to five below-grade levels for partial storage, parking and support areas.  Sustainable elements include district cooling, solar hot water, energy-efficient lighting and equipment, a greywater system and highly efficient MEP Systems. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Gang Xia Tower
198-meter, 43-story tower in Shenzhen’s Futian Central District, with views to the adjacent Civic Center Park and a series of high performance solar shades. Shenzhen, China

Nanshan Tower Exterior Wall
Exterior Wall design for a mixed-use development in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District that optimizes solar and wind mitigation.  The development includes a 300m tower, 160m tower and conference facility.  Shenzhen, China

Verde Residences
49-story, 1.35 million sf luxury residential tower, including duplex townhouses, 4 stories of office space and retail along a harbor promenade. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Verde Offices
32-story, 820,000 sf office tower featuring including verdant sky gardens and podium offices. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

1 Dubai
Three-tower, supertall megastructure includes luxury hotels, condominiums, offices, retail and cultural facilities.  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Major projects at Teng & Associates, Inc.:

Waterview Tower
90 story Residential and Hotel complex.  Schematic Design, Public Space Interior Design, Elevation and Curtain Wall Detail Design, Coordination and Curtain Wall Shop Drawings.  Chicago, Illinois, 2008

Warren E. Burger Courthouse
Schematic Design, Design development and Detail Design.  Chicago, Illinois, 2006

CTA Brown Line Stations Renovation
Concept Design and Detail Design. Chicago, Illinois, 2005

Metra Randolph Station
Project Architect; Schematic Design, Constriction Document, Coordination and Construction Administration,. Chicago, Illinois, 2005

U. S. Navy Campus
Multiple Projects; Concept Designs and Renderings. Illinois

ECE Building
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Proposals and Promotional Brochure, 2004

Science Museum of Virginia
Proposals and Promotional Brochure, 2004

Chicago Bridge Competition
Concept and Renderings;  Awarded one of the five Bridges, 2003

Mexicantown Mercado and Welcome Center
Project Architect; Schematic Design, Constriction Document, Coordination and Construction Administration. 2003

T3-Apex food court
Assistant Project Architect: Schematic Design, Detail Designs, and Construction document. 2000

Concourse G Renovation
O’Hare International Airport; Schematic design, Interior Detail Designs, and Construction Document. Chicago, Illinois, 1999

Major projects at SOM:

Field Museum Renovation and Space Planning
Schematic Design, Space Planning and Site Plan Design. Chicago, Illinois, 1998

Civic Opera House
Planning, design and construction documentation for the expansion and reconstruction of backstage facilities and the renovation and restoration of the audience chamber and front of house. Chicago, Illinois, 1997

Korea World Trade Center
Master plan and design for convention center, office and hotel complex. Seoul, Korea, 1997

Symphony Center
Master planning, design and construction documentation for the reconstruction of  historic Orchestra Hall with new facilities to provide an expanded program of 260,000 sf  including new rehearsal and artistic support functions as well as improved patron amenities. Chicago, Illinois, 1996

CTA Green line Renovation
Construction Document. Chicago, Illinois, 1995

Jin Mao Tower
88-story, 3 million sf (279,000 sm) multi-use complex including office, hotel and retail. 1998, Shanghai, China, 1995

Major projects at the Building Design Institute of Ministry of Construction in Beijing, China:

Library of the University of Transportation of North China
Schematic Design. 1990

Haipo Holiday Inn
Technical coordinator: Master Plan, Schematic Design through Construction Document. 1989

ShenXi Hotel
Technical coordinator: Schematic Design through Construction Document, 1987

Iris Gan on...
A great design inspires and enlightens people’s experience, behavior and even the life of a community.

...where she finds inspiration
From everyday life.

... favorite "moment" in architecture
Now! and years down the road…
New technologies, products, new software and tools have never been more exciting as those we have today. Contrivance and technologies only existed in science fictions 20 years ago, now all have become reality and a part of our everyday life. The evaluation of the science and capability of production equipped us, as architects , with never before expertise and freedom within our creation of new architecture.

... favorite city architecturally
There are many favorite cities on my list, from Europe to Asia, to America, each of them have its own uniqueness, glory and charm. On top of the list would be Hong Kong, where is forever evolving with the emerging culture from around the world.

... favorite thing about a collaborative design process
Collaborative design process is always a wonderful experience. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the world’s best experts from different backgrounds, gathered and working together to create the next world’s best architecture.

...what she’d be if she weren't an architect
An artist, an inventor, a chef: creating something enjoyable, and spirit lifting is always what I love to do

...what she does when she's not designing
Paint a watercolor, cook a nice dinner, and go to see or learn something new.