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Jinan Pulimen Commercial Complex

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Jinan Pulimen Commercial Complex

The design concept for the Jinan Pulimen Commercial Complex is based on a philosophy that water is the primary source of life and should be treated as a finite resource.

The City of Jinan has long and storied relationship with water, from its name to its beautiful springs that dot the urban landscape. Water is central to the culture and development of the city.

The retail space in the podium building contains three nodes. These atrium spaces serve not only as architectural points of interest but also allow for the clear articulation of vertical circulation components. During the day the atrium space is washed in natural light, while at night the space is transformed into glowing volumes that are clearly visible from the surrounding towers. The generous retail boulevard runs through the spine of the building, serving as a pedestrian connection from the bustle of Shunhe Elevated Road and terminating in the tranquility of the landscaped park. This solution also provides a clear organization of retail components, allowing shoppers two points of access for several ground floor boutiques. The long curving spine is intersected with nodes, creating a sense of discovery as users navigate through this unique retail experience.

The building’s interior promotes a modern, active lifestyle by providing a high level of amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center and multipurpose entertainment room. A light-filled plaza at the base of the atrium provides access to all units. The interiors of the residential units are designed to be highly sustainable. Units receive copious natural light. Glare is controlled by an exterior, metal mesh sunscreen which also filters and diffuses sunlight. Exterior decks bounce light back into the building interior. Integrated “smart shading” systems incorporated into each unit allow unit or building owners to control shades. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows also provide unobstructed views. Overall, these design elements reduce unit cooling loads and daytime energy consumption. The unit design is based on a contemporary open plan layout and incorporate modern high-end finishes. Floors will be stone or wood; millwork will be European in style. Bathrooms and kitchens will include high-end European cabinetry and energy-efficient appliances, promoting water conservation.


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