Atrium City Master Plan

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Atrium City Master Plan

Atrium City Master Plan

At the center of Jumeira Gardens, the Atrium City and Central Park development includes the iconic 1 Dubai, low-rise residential development, cultural facilities, retail, offices, abundant landscaped park space and a multi-modal transit hub.

1 Dubai rises up out of a canal at the center of the development. From the Gulf, the towers frame the Burj Dubai; they are also located along a central axis with East Park. The development’s unique form is also highly functional: soaring clusters of cables and occupied sky-bridges connect the towers together as they ascend. The towers are designed to the highest environmental and performance standards and will serve as a strong symbol of Dubai’s commitment to sustainability.

A true “city center”, the complex is accessible by both land and sea. At the base of the buildings, grand arched entrances allow boats to travel underneath the building and into a central atrium space, an oasis in the center of the development.

The Atrium City and Central Park Districts will provide a landmark development offering a multitude of visitor and resident experiences.


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