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Burj Khalifa Gatehouses

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Burj Khalifa Gatehouses

As the world’s tallest building and Dubai’s top tourist destination, Burj Khalifa has thousands of visitors daily, most of whom arrive in automobiles—each of which must undergo security inspection.

The Burj Khalifa Gatehouses are a series of six security facilities that control access to the Burj Khalifa. These small, elegant structures provide key security checkpoints for the complex while maintaining strong visual connections to the world’s tallest building. In keeping with the client’s desire for a consistent style for all structures within the tower complex, the gatehouses take their aesthetic cues from the tower and related office building.

The six gatehouses in the Burj Khalifa complex are both beautiful and functional, each with its own function and identity, including the main hotel entrance, the main residential entrance, the hotel entrance, a taxi stand, the office annex entrance and the truck service entrance. Some of the gatehouses have electronic automobile scanners, the housing for which was designed by the same architect.

All of the gatehouses feature teak louvers and ceilings for added functionality and contrast with the stainless steel exterior walls and columns, as well as offices with observation rooms for the security checkpoint staff. The office windows are glazed with tinted glass that provide additional insulation and glare mitigation while shielding the staff from view.

Stylistically the gatehouses’ curving lines relate to the undulating form of the tower massing and site design. The stainless steel cladding is similar to that used in the tower’s mullions and spandrels, while the panelization echoes the modular framing of the curtain wall.


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The Chicago Anthenaeum, International Architecture Award, Burj Khalifa Gatehouses